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    Isis and Osiris.

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    last time i did this my wish really came true. so im going to wish again

    nothing to lose. :))

    Let’s hope

    Why not? :)

    *crossing fingers*

    pretty much^^^^

    i got nothing to lose. (:

    Last time i did this my wish came true.

    Jesus Christ if my wish comes true I will piss

    please work omg

    looks fun lol



    Well, i got nothing to lose, might as well try it

    This shall be interesting😌


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  4. To anyone who is thinking about killing themselves: please watch this

    This is from a girl who’s sister committed suicide. If you are looking for a sign not to commit, this is it.

    Please share this so everyone can see.

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    OMNOMNOM by anastasyasilakova

    #kitten #cat #summer

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    he looks like he just committed an unspeakable crime


    Mandatory reblog.
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    The truth about mental illness.  <3  Let’s get rid of the stigma.  Re-blog. Like. Spread the word.  Have a voice.  We can do this!


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  11. AMERICAN NEUROSIS ( are we sick ? )

    A tongue in cheek look at the impossible conflict living in American society creates in us.

    By Michael Schreiner on July 3, 2013

    If you gain weight you’re fat and if you lose weight you’re anorexic. If you workout you’re a meathead and if you don’t you’re a wimp. If you hook up on the first date you’re a slut and if you hold back you’re a prude. If you make the first move you’re too aggressive and if you do nothing you’re a coward. If you experiment with drugs or alcohol you’re an addict and if you refuse you’re a narc. If you make too much eye contact you are creepy and overbearing and if you don’t make enough eye contact you are creepy and shy. If you laugh too much you are obnoxious and if you laugh too little you are antisocial. If you choose work over family you’re an insensitive asshole who only cares about money or advancement and if you choose family over work you’re an overly sensitive loser who doesn’t contribute to society. If you keep your house too clean you have OCD and if you keep it too dirty you’re a slob. If you’re quiet at a social gathering you’re not any fun and if you’re loud you are obnoxious. If you care about your appearance you’re a narcissist and if you don’t care about it you’re an ugly weirdo. If you cry you are overly emotional and if you don’t cry you are dead inside. If your handshake is too firm you’re a brute and if your handshake is too soft you’re effeminate. If you care about learning you’re a nerd and if you don’t you are unmotivated. If you’re easygoing you should stand up for yourself more and if you stand up for yourself too much you should be more easygoing. If you dress too nice you’re a pretentious dick and if you don’t dress nicely enough you’re a slovenly bum. If you discipline your children you’re an authoritarian tyrant and if you don’t discipline your children you’re an uncaring pushover. If you are concerned with your growth you’re selfish and if you’re concerned with the growth of others you need to mind your own business. If you work too much you’re a workaholic and if you don’t work enough you’re lazy. If you expose a truth you’re a traitor and if you keep it secret you’re a manipulator. This is American Neurosis.

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  12. The occultists teach that each and every mental or emotional state has its own distinctive rate of vibration, and that the secret of “emotional contagion” is due to the fact that similar vibrations are set up in the emotional nature of persons subjected to the influence of strong emotion in another person. All manifestations of thought, emotion, will, desire, or feeling, or any other mental state, are accompanied and caused by vibrations of a certain high rate, and that these vibrations tend to influence others in their field of “induction,” and tend to set up in the others similar vibrations. In this fact lies the secret of Mental Influence, Personal Magnetism, etc. A knowledge and mastery of the science of mental vibrations enables the skilled Rosicrucian to change the rate of his mental vibrations at will, and to thus maintain a state of mental calm and power, unaffected by the thought vibrations of those around him.